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It was not too long ago that living to 100 was considered a nearly impossible feat. Yet with more an
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4 Supplements for a Longer Life

A healthy life starts with the basics: eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and regulating your st...

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As anxiety, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, and sleep issues are on the rise, the number of p
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Dr. Oz: What have you learned from your TV show?

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When Painful Sex is Something Serious

For some women, the slightest pressure to the most intimate part of her body can be unbearable. The brush of her clothes, the insertion of a tampon, ... more

Battle of the Sexes

Since the dawn of modern man, men and women have been struggling to be understood by one another. It turns out that biological differences between ... more

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Dr. Oz: How can we solve the obesity problem in America?



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Dr. Oz: How can we convince people to change unhealthy habits?